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I paid on 8/26 and just received my puppy yesterday Michelle did say that free shipping takes a little longer so I waited to save the money. The puppy arrived a few minutes behind schedule yesterday but we love her to pieces she is great!!! Overall good experience, great customer service updates. Would recommend her, will be back again. Thanks Michelle Read more

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I purchased a puppy on 8/7/16 and it was to be shipped on 8/26/16 an hour before the flight I got a call from a Suli Hernandez stating that the puppy wouldnt be coming that he had some "loose stools". And that in a couple weeks there would be an issue because the puppy cant ship if over 11 pounds. So that this puppy couldnt be shipped. I immediately asked for a refund if they were not going to ship the puppy. I was told they would refund my... Read more

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Michelle is a liar and a thief, she is very rude and consistenly lies. We bought a puppy on July 10th and puppy was to be shipped Aug 7th. The week before shipment I email, texted and left messages all week wanting to check up and make sure all was on schedule, she finally answered my call on Friday night the 5th annoyed and very unfriendly. She assured me "no news is good news & everything is fine with the puppy". Saturdya night at 12 midnight... Read more

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Never had a problem with Michelle or our bulldog puppy- everything went perfect, from the payment, flight, pick up, phone calls, etc. I paid a great price and she gave me free shipping for the special she was running at the time. She is a great lady. The bulldog has no issues and is super sweet and healthy. I don't understand how she has so many complaints, when she has many happy customers. If I didn't have 4 others dog, I would get another... Read more

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Michelle Adoreable Bulldogs is very unprofessional she lies about her dogs and she lies about fixing the issues. She co owns and uses frozen sperm and has no clue what stud is uses. Mine two dogs turned out to be one an American bulldog the an olde bulldog. As you can see the blue looks nothing like her parents and the black and white is 86lbs not English but olde. She also has a Facebook account where she does a lot of her selling now. Read more

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I also bought a puppy from Michelle. Took me a while to get her here due to my pup also having loose stools and couldnt be shipped. Once we got her she was sick and had green slime coming from her nose and looked horrible! Took her to vet wuthin two days as told to do for the health guarantee to be good. She was given an antibiotic and other meds. Had to take her back. Had to have emergency eye surgery due to her eye about to explode. This went... Read more

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I purchased 2 puppies from Michelle at adorable bulldogs. My fiance and I had found her online and on facebook. This was the worst buying experience we had ever been through. Once Michelle the owner had our money the nightmare began. We took time off of work to pick up the puppies from the airport. At almost 1 oclock in the morning prior Michelle text us that the male had loose stools and they couldnt be shipped. Ok, understood. We waited two... Read more

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I purchased 2 english bulldog puppies on 4/8/16. I got two very sick puppies with Mange, pneumonia, and a host of other infections. The female has a luxating patella MPL a grade 3 out of 4 in severity and the male has a grade 2 heart murmur. I was told by Michelle the breeder that she would make this right by giving me healthier puppies or a partial refund I have all vet records to prove the condition of these puppies. Michelle the breeder will... Read more

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