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I purchased 2 puppies in July 28th 2016. They were suppose to be ready October 1st since paying in full on July 28th I've tried numerous times to get a call back from someone at this business with absolutely NO luck still no puppies or No refund:( I filed a dispute with my CC company!

& also filed a complaint with the BBB which she responded with a bunch of lies I can't wait to see what this lady has to say to my CC company! She has committed fraud & will soon be lying in the bed she has made!

This lady has no professionalism skills once so ever!!! Horrible business!!!!

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I was reading about a similar situation on another post. One person on there said to do the following if you paid by cc:

"Just file a charge back with your credit card company. Most cards include a basic 30 to 90 product defect coverage" Hope this helps.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1294189

Has anyone that disputes it with their bank or credit card get their money back? Or did she win? We are going through his now and about to do an debit card dispute and trying to figure out if it's worth chasing...thanks

Lake Butler, Florida, United States #1249636

Wish I had done my research before buying a puppy from her. Again, the price was too good to be true.

Can't believe this. This is beyond heartbreaking. I've planned and planned for this day to arrive and now to know that I've been made a fool of and swindled is too much.

I even told her about losing my daughter this year and was hoping that the puppy would give me something to make me feel again. What a dirty business this is...

Billings, Montana, United States #1248739

Good luck getting justice!! I was trying to buy a female English Bulldog and couldn't get them to call in person...was always text messages.

They wanted $1000 for puppy, $195 for shipping and additional $400 to use my credit card, which is totally ridiculous!! I would have been good with paying credit card fees that they get charged, which at 3.5% is only $35...not $400!! What a rip-off!!

Needless to say, I didn't do business with them.


Antelope, California, United States #1223250

I am still waiting for my refund from 8/26/16. She will not respond to the credit card company mine has called her several times and she will not respond.

I am pretty sure this is what she does avoid them at all costs. As far as I can tell she refunds people then avoids the calls and letters from CC companys. The credit card company gives customer the refund and then they eat the cost and this woman who is beyond rude walks off with the "free" money she got. And then threatens the customer with a lawsuit for telling the truth about what she does.

Everyones a liar in her eyes. She told me she is a very powerful woman lol...And if I dont take my reviews down within 72 hours she will sue me lol.

That the clocks Sorry this is happening to others, it sucks. This is not a business its a SCAM!!

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