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I paid on 8/26 and just received my puppy yesterday Michelle did say that free shipping takes a little longer so I waited to save the money. The puppy arrived a few minutes behind schedule yesterday but we love her to pieces she is great!!!

Overall good experience, great customer service updates.

Would recommend her, will be back again. Thanks Michelle

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If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her positive experience with the company.

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there is no puppy now shes selling fake semen too. your a witch, a fraud a liar.

And I cant wait till the day you rot in *** for all the people you ripped off.

She goes by Michelle Sotolongo

Michelle Rodriguez. For 1 buck her address is available on the internet.

to Anonymous #1319552


to Anonymous #1326383

Mari Michelle Sotolongo

(407) 384-7825


5036 Jetsail Dr, Orlando, FL 32812

Other residents: Julio Sotolongo, Rosaura Sotolongo

Not totally sure if that's her because there is another one as well but I think it is!

Liberty, New York, United States #1222089

The positive review is probably michelle, I've been waiting in a refund since Aug 9th, if you paid with a credit card file a dispute. It's the best and probably the only way to get your money without going to court. I wish there was a way to warn people of her business practices, she is the rudest, most nasty person I've ever met

Escondido, California, United States #1220413

Paid in May as of 9-29-16 No puppy, No refund and no communication. Wish I new how to see who really posted that positive comment

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1221681

It says it is from Homestead Florida so I would think that the puppy did not fly and was probably driven for delivery.

Sorry to hear you didn't get your puppy. I am waiting for mine too

to Anonymous #1349226

I was on another post reading. Someone on there said to go through your credit card company to get the refund.

Don't keep waiting on here to reimburse you. Hope this helps.

Kula, Hawaii, United States #1212236

thats funny because i paid on 07/06 and still have yet to receive my puppy. they changed the ship date 3 different times, offered a new puppy, never sent images of a new puppy, offered a refund and never got a refund.

must be a sexist company. luckily i paid with a cc.

to as #1213888

I paid 8/7 and didnt get the puppy or a refund either. Imagine that!!

I too find it really odd to have 1 positive "review" out of all the poor reviews. Interesting!!

to as Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1217546

I'd get my money back. Don't take a chance on a sick puppy.

Mine came to me really sick. Then had to have emergency eye surgery. Michelle promised to pay me 500.00 back in April. Still haven't gotten it.

Plus she I'd denying me papers for her now that I have her.

But, it's up to you. Just too many people getting sick pup's and promises from Michelle that never go thru.

to Anonymous Antelope, California, United States #1218004

I was supposed to get a refund but it never came. Been a month now she has my money still.

to inmarysm Los Angeles, California, United States #1221686

You probably will not get any response from her either. The best way to deal with poor sellers is to post your experience with them and suggest to others that they read the reviews of any person or business that they intend to use the services of.

to as Los Angeles, California, United States #1221683

I am sure that there is MANY MORE PEOPLE that did not receive a puppy or a refund. I wish people would post their experiences with places like this.

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