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This people play with your feelings and worst than that with your money! I paid $1300 for a French bulldog I never received.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adorablebulldogs Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Adorablebulldogs - Puppy Scammed: $1500 for Blue French Bulldog -no puppy no refund

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On March 23rd, I purchased an 8 week-old blue male French bulldog from a lady claiming her name was Victoria Gutierrez. I had found the advertisement listed on stating they were AKC registered.

Location Miami, Fl. Contact number: 407-228-3644 I asked about transferring the payment through Paypal and was informed that it would cost me an extra $500 to do so. At the time, I had just changed my last name to my married name and was having trouble transferring money to her preferred method of Google Wallet, as they needed 48 hours to verify my name change. The breeder then informed me that I could use another method to transfer money directly to her business bank account: SunTrust Bank: DB Puppies account: 1000226383833 routing: 061000104.

After one day had passed, Victoria called me informing me that she was having an issue finding a direct flight from Miami to Denver and that the puppy would have to stay over night in Texas before transferring to Denver then to Durango, CO where I was to puck the puppy up. I agreed that it would be better to wait until she could find a more direct flight as well as wait until the puppy was a little older to handle shipping. She then sent me a flight itinerary for April 18th in which I was to be at the airport to pick the puppy up at 9am. During the weeks following up to the puppy’s flight, I had accidentally deleted my itinerary.

Victoria and I had talked a little on a personal level and she had informed me that she was due to have a baby in two days. I knew that she would be out of reach for a while, so I did not bother as to respect her rest and recovery time. On April 3rd, I sent a txt asking for the tracking number here is the correspondence which I have copied word for word from my txts: (All txts are in mountain time) My Txt: Mon, April 3, 9:17 AM “Hi Victoria, I hope you and baby are doing good and that are recovering well. I hope it's not too much trouble to bug you for two things: I must have accidentally deleted my confirmation email with my itinerary number for Louie.

Do I need that number or do I just need to show up at 8:45am on April 18th at the airport with my ID and pick him up at the baggage claim window? If that's all I need to do, no worries . If I need it, would you mind resending it to me. Also, could you send me a picture of him?

It doesn't have to be fancy I don't care if he's in the kennel, I just want to see what he looks like now.” Response: Mon, Apr 3, 5:17PM “Hi! Not getting much sleep sorry for the delay yes that's your tracking number!” My Txt: Apr 3, 5:22PM “Yeah, I bet you're not! Congratulations on your newest family member, but I am sure it is quite an adjustment as well. Do I have to have the tracking number when I pick him up?

If so can you forward me that e-mail.” NO REPONSE I then tried again April 10th: My txt: April 10, 1108AM “Hi Victoria, just wanted to check up on my puppy. Also, I didn't get an answer on whether or not I needed the tracking number when I pick him up. If I do, I don't have the email you sent me because I accidentally deleted it ☹” NO RESPONSE Once again, on April 15th I tried to contact the business via phone/e-mail/facebook to confirm shipment date and whether or not I needed the shipment number to pick up the puppy. I could not reach anyone.

My txt: Sat April 15 8:09AM “Hi, I am suppose to pick Louie up in a couple of days from the airport and I am starting to get worried because I haven't heard from you Am I still set to pick him up at 9am on April 18th from the Durango Airport?” NO RESPONSE My txt: April 16, 8:39AM “I am going to go to the airport on Tuesday at 8:45am and hope that I am taking this little guy home.” NO RESPONSE I drove to 1.5 hours to the airport on April 18th and in hopes of reaching someone. My txt: April 18, 8:53AM “At the airport :)” Response: April 18, 9:04AM “Hi!! Who is this please? Sorry just saw my messages :)” My txt: April 18, 9:06AM “April Gray, I am suppose to be picking up my French Bulldog, Louie Pacino from Durango Airport today” Response: April 18, 9:07AM “Oh yes!!

I remember you! My assistant rescheduled a bunch of customers because I am away from work for a few weeks she emailed everyone did you get an email Not sure if you were one of the ones” My txt: April 18, 9:08AM “No I didn't get an e-mail. Oh man Victoria, I have been having a heart attack! How are you doing?

I hope you are recovering well Does that mean he should be on this flight?” Response: Apr 18, 9:16AM “Ahhh! Ok let me check for you asap !! I'll call you give me a moment” My txt: April 18, 9:16AM “Ok sounds good. Would it be better if I contacted your partner, so that you could enjoy your maternity leave” Response: Apr 18, 9:16AM “I'm going to give you my personal cell whenever you need something you call me there” This was the last txt I got from her before finding out that the puppy was not on the plane.

She did not provide me with her phone number at this time. My txt: Apr 18, 9:40AM “Victoria the puppy was not on the plane” Response: Apr 18, 9:45AM “I'm on the phone waiting on hold to hear back” This is the last txt I got from her that day. I talk to the airline and they start checking records and are able to find out that a puppy is suppose to ship in the following day (Apr 19), and it is registered under my name for pick up. My txt: Apr 18, 9:47AM “They said that its scheduled to come in tomorrow OK about had a heart attack!

This is ok! We just had the date wrong. The puppy is suppose to be here tomorrow at the same time. The airport has my name on file it's a small airport so they know who I am when I come looking tomorrow.

It's only and hour and 30 minute drive from where I live” NO RESPONSE I drive home that day and wake up early the next morning on my birthday, April 19 to drive back to Durango in hopes of receiving my puppy. Making this a total of a 6 hour journey. The small airport was already aware that we were returning and expecting us. However to our dismay, there was no puppy on the plane.

The airport was able to trace back the tracking number to find that the puppy had never been dropped off at the airport. My txt: Apr 19, 9:45AM “Hi, the puppy wasn't on the flight today. The airport traced the tracking number back and found out that he wasn't ever received in Miami. Can you please call me I am more than willing to come get him myself Today is my birthday :(“ Response: Apr 19, 10:52 “:( ok!

Give me 30.” My txt: Apr 19, 11:45AM “Ok Any update?” Response: Apr 19, 12:18PM “Not yet love soon” My txt: Apr 19, 12:18PM “Ok, mama. Thank you!” NO RESPONSE My txt: Apr 19, 4:23PM “I spoke with my husband, and we could come get him Hello, I am really hanging onto hope that we haven't got scammed. I am not understanding why it is taking so long to hear back. I am trying to be patient and hope for the best but as the hours tick by and I am not getting any response, I am starting feel more and more dread” Response: Apr 19, 4:23PM “I will personally make sure you're taken care of today” The hours between this, I was frantically searching the internet trying to figure out what I could do.

While this was going on, I noticed that the company had posted a new advertisement with the exact same picture use to when advertising the puppy I had bought. While contact was scarce with me several adds went up on their page. My txt: Apr 19, 5:35PM “So I was looking through you FB page and I found an advertisement that was posted today for the same French Bulldog I thought I was buying. I was under the impression that they were sold.

Also, many of the FB posts are signed by Michelle. Who is Michelle, is that your partner? Does she have the dogs while your recovering? Does she have access to this phone line and is there a way to talk to her?” Response: Apr 19, 5:44PM “Michelle is one of my partner breeders I have 4 litters” My txt: Apr 19, 5:45PM “Oh ok, am I going to get a puppy :(“ Response: Apr 19, 5:45PM “Of course!!!!” Last response of the day.

The next day I try to contact her all day long with no response to a plan of action. I even offer to come and get the puppy and hear nothing. By 8PM I send this message: My txt: Apr 20, 5:02PM “Victoria, I am feeling a little frustrated because I am not getting any answers on what the plan is. You told me that you were going to make sure you handled this directly yesterday, and I have yet to get any answers on what is going on.” Response: Apr 20, 5:04PM “Call me” My txt: Apr 20, 5:14PM “No answer Do you want me to call a different phone?

Why would you tell me to call you and not answer? Are you on the phone?” NO RESPONSE My txt: Apr 20, 8PM “I am going to give this one more day for this to be resolved and then I am going to report this situation to the police/Facebook/puppy find. I feel I have been extremely patient and fair. Although you have made contact with me, you haven't given me any direct answers on what the plan is get my paid-for puppy to me.

I don't want to this. Victoria, I truly don't want the trouble and I don't want to cause you trouble as well. I know you have 4 kiddos and a business to run. I would much rather have my puppy than a refund, but at this point I would take either.

I would even be willing to come to Florida to get him. I hope that you are willing to make it a priority to right this situation.” After this message I get an e-mail stating that her phone had died and to call her on her personal cell: 321-250-5485. We start to correspond mostly through this phone and she sends me another itinerary confirmation dated for May 14th. My husband and I were not thrilled with the idea of waiting another 3 weeks, but figured at this point we did not have another choice.

During this time our correspondence was very brief and my messages were often ignored. I asked several times for a picture of the puppy since it would have been 6 weeks from the time I made the purchase, but these txts were also ignored. I was able to get my tracking number from her for this shipment date, which was relieving. This way we were able to track whether or not the puppy would be getting on the flight without having to make a wasted 3 hour drive.

After reading many reviews, I expressed my concerns about waiting almost another month and not receiving a puppy. I was reassured that this would not be the case. The puppy was suppose to board the flight from Miami on the 13th and I wanted to make sure our communication was good to go smoothly, so I sent a txt on May 12: My txt: May 12, 9:32am “Hi Victoria, just wanted to make sure that I am all lined out for my puppy shipping tomorrow. :)” Response: May 12 9:58am “Hello :) I haven't checked the calendar today they're going to vet and if you're on for tomorrow should be good to go!” The next day I waited 30 minutes after the puppy was suppose to board the flight and then called unitedcargo with my tracking number.

They confirmed that the puppy was never dropped off at the airport. I contacted the breeder immediately. This was the messages through the 407-228-3644 number: My txt: May 13, 9:52am “Hi Victoria, I just got off the phone with United cargo. My puppy was suppose to leave at 1130 and they confirmed that my puppy was not dropped off at the airport.

At this point, I don't want to wait anymore. I would like a refund.” Response: May 13 10:01am “It was just going to be a tad bit delayed time wise not date wise there are 17 shipping/delivering today but OK” My txt: May 13, 10:02AM “At this point, I would really rather have a refund.” Please let me know which is easier. Google wallet: PayPal: I know that you are probably very busy today and I understand that tomorrow is Mother's Day. I am going to give you until Wednesday to refund us our money.

Otherwise we are going to report this in every way possible.” Response: May 13 10:41am “I completely understand and appreciate your patience. The pup was fine to go today I made sure of it. All it was going to be was just a late arrival that Was all.” My txt: May 13, 10:47AM “Victoria, I will take either a delivered puppy to Durango by tomorrow or a refund by Wednesday. I would be happy with either one If you were able to get the puppy on a plane today and it gets here sometime tomorrow, I will be happy with that.

I just need to know when the puppy leaves Miami today. But I don't want to wait any longer than that.” Response: May 13 11:06AM “It would've been today just later than expected I'm trying to reach them now because I told them to take you off calendar” My txt: May 13, 11:24AM “Whatever works best for you, I will be content with either outcome.” I didn’t hear anymore from anyone that day. On May 14th, I started getting responses from the 321-250-5485 number: Response: May 14 11:45AM “Hey hun. Happy Mother's Day.

They told me you wanted a refund so i will be sending you a form for signature tomorrow” My txt: May 14, 1:44PM “Ok, sounds good thank you! Happy Mother's Day” Monday no email. My txt: May 16, 8:05AM “Hi there, I did not receive the form that was suppose to come yesterday. This is becoming very frustrating.

I am out of patience with this situation. I feel like I have done my part to be patient and understanding during this process and I waited for just shy of two months to receive a puppy. Both times I had my hopes up and both times the puppy did not make it on the plane, even though I was diligent to check the following days to make sure all was good to go. I understand how this could have happened the first time, but not the second.

I feel at that point, no matter how many puppies needed to be delivered it should have been a priority. I said I would give this transaction until tomorrow to be righted, and then I was going to report it as fraud and theft. I have no desire to go this route, I would rather just have it settled and get out of your hair, but I don't know what else to do at this time. Being patient and understanding hasn't worked.

Transferring funds to and from PayPal or google wallet only takes 2 minutes max and I know you are capable of either transaction since that is how you receive payments.” Response: May 16 10:58AM (#3644) “Yes you have done everything. The shipping date was not going to change it was just the arrival time” My txt: May 16, 11:08AM “Which I would have been fine with, but the puppy didn't come. I said I would either take a late delivery on the May 14th or a refund by tomorrow (wed, May 17th). On the 14th I got a txt stating that I would receive a form Monday for a refund.

Then Monday came and went - no form. Like I said, I will give this until tomorrow before I move forward with anything. I think that is more than fair. I paid for this puppy on March 23rd at which time he was suppose to be 8 weeks old and ready to go according to advertising.

7.5 weeks is a long time to wait for a puppy.” Response: May 16 11:16AM “The baby didn't come the last time because you said you called and she wasn't shipped and you wanted a refund Otherwise it would've been fine” My txt: May 16, 11:40AM “Google Wallet: PayPal: Either one of these accounts is an option for a refund.” NO RESPONSE I had given them a deadline for a refund on May 17th, stating that I would otherwise report this event as fraud and theft. Here is the messages received on the 17th: Please note in prior txt messages that I had already stated my preferred method of transfer as well as provided both accounts: Response: May 17 1:03PM (#5485) “Hey April :) do you prefer a check or electronic transfer” My txt: May 17 1:03PM “Hello, I would prefer electronic transfer, please.” Response: May 17 6:36PM “Paypal or google wallet” My txt: May 17 6:40PM “Whichever is easier for you. PayPal: Google Wallet:” Response: May 17 7:57PM “Ok can you send me a formal email requesting to cancel” Email Sent May 17 8:38PM To Whom it May Concern: I am requesting a refund of $1500, which was paid for a male Blue French Bulldog on March 23, 2017 to: DB Puppies Suntrust Bank, 061000104 Account: xxxxxxxxx3833 Confirmation number: 00217032342153 This request is being made due to breeder unable to send puppy on scheduled flight from Miami, Florida to Durango, Colorado on April 19th. Second Delivery date was arranged for May 14th.

Breeder was unable to get puppy on scheduled flight from Miami @ 1130 on May 13th due to unforeseen circumstances on breeders end. At which time a refund was requested. Breeder informed me that the puppy would be delayed in time of delivery and not date of delivery. I agreed to either receive the puppy at a later time on May 14th or a refund by May 17th.

Breeder was unable to schedule later delivery time on May 14th. At this time a request for a full refund is the desired out come. Electronic transfer (PayPal or Google wallet whichever method is easier for the breeder) is the preferred method of payment: PayPal: Google Wallet: If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via phone or email at anytime. Sincerely, April M.

Gray 619-244-5794 Email Response: May 18 Thank you for submitting this request for a refund. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing. The funds have to be sent into Paypal to then be sent to you. Thank you!

My Email: May 25 Ok, so by this email. I am guaranteed to have my refund no later than June 1st, correct? Email Response: May 25 Yes ma'am hope all is well My Email: Jun1 Hello Victoria, According to this e-mail, I should be receiving my refund no later than today via PayPal. PayPal Account: So far I have yet to receive anything.

I have transferred money to PayPal accounts before and know it only takes less than 30 seconds to receive a confirmation email when funds are transferred. I feel that I have been more than patient and accommodating with this situation, and have allowed ample time to correct the transaction. Sincerely, April Gray Email Response: Jun 1 Yes absolutely you have been. I have been out of town since before the long weekend for puppy nanny service and 2 breedings I will check on it today My Email: Jun 3 I still have not received a refund.

At this point I am going to go to the BBB, put in a police report, as well as file criminal fraud with the department of justice . I am not sure what other options I have at this time. Email Response: Jun 3 You've been extremely patient. We did send the funds into wallet last week but it takes a little to clear im sure Monday it will be in there.

Keep in mind you can still get a pup My Email: Jun 3 I was told that it was being transferred to PayPal. Email Response: Jun 3 No we asked which method. We have both but Paypal is a mission unless you want to do Paypal cash cards My Email: Jun 3 I don't have a preference as to which electronic method it is (PayPal or Google Wallet). I will give this until the end of Monday to see if my refund comes through and then I am going to move forward and report it.

Email Response: Jun 4 Tomorrow morning it will be sent June 5 no refund. My txt: Jun 5 1:10PM “You said you would transfer fund this morning to google wallet. I called and they said that if funds were transferred I would see it right away and that there has been no activity towards my account Like I said, I will give it until this evening and then I am going to report it. You have not followed through with one thing you have said you were going to do during this whole mess.” Response: Jun 5 4:16PM “You'll have before 8” My txt: Jun 5 9:22PM “It's past 8” Response: Jun 5 9:31PM “Have not forgotten you Just tried I tried to send it is telling me you are needing account verification tomorrow please call google support so they can ID verify you What email account are you sending it from?” My txt: Jun 5 9:33PM “What email account are you sending it from?” Response: Jun 5 9:34PM I immediately logged into my Google Wallet account, which I now have an App for on my phone and was able to request money to this e-mail account, meaning there is no issue with verification.

When I told her this, again I got no reply. I have purposefully written this complaint with the exact words and timing, as it leaves no argument in this case.

I am not even sure if this person’s name is really Victoria or if it is actually Michelle using a different name. I informed her that I was writing this complaint and of course promised me a refund again today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Adorablebulldogs Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Price.

I didn't like: We did not get what we paid for, Run around and dishonesty, We did not get refund.

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File a complaint with the Miami based FBI on their website at I had the same experience still no refund and its been over a year!


Her name is Michelle *** her invoices come from CNNIC I see she changed her fb page to include french bulldogs on it. There is no Victoria there and she has been pregnant for almost 2 years now.

She is a theif and a liar!!! My bulldog didnt get on the plane either. My puppy was still up on her puppy find page. If you force the issue she will call you names and cuss you out and threaten you.

She tells you she is a very powerful woman and will rin you. Thats code for Shes a very powerful theif stealing others money. There is no puppy. There never was...

I know because it happened to me too. I did get a refund because I filed fraud on her to the credit card company. I would report her to the internet fraud comittee and with anyone else!! Theres a place in *** for her waiting...I did find an english bulldog on craigslist flew 800 miles to get him...Hope you get your money back..

Google her name and you will find her address. I

I am so sorry this happened to you too. Shes a piece of work.

I never signed the contract she did her contract is not legal. Call the dept of consumer affairs in florida they should be able to assist.


I had the exact same experience and when I opened a claim with Google Wallet there is nothing they can do because I violated their policy by paying for a pet using their service. Please do not attempt to buy from them as they are ripping everyone off for thousands of dollars.

to TC in VA #1404358

File a complaint with the Miami based FBI on their website at I had the same experience still no refund and its been over a year!

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Adorablebulldogs - WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!

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Worst puppy buying experience ever!! I have purchased 2 other pups from other breeders online in the problems......this was a mess.....first my pup was delayed past Christmas......ruined Christmas present........then the pup was too heavy (because it took so long to ship)....then we picked another one.......waited weeks for her to be shipped......then it was too cold to ship...Cancelled the order!!.......filled refund paperwork out in January....still no refund and get nothing but the run around!! (had a baby, need you to open a google wallet account so it will be faster etc).......SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Adorablebulldogs Shipping Service.

Reason of review: NO REFUND OF 1100.00!!!!.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Run around and dishonesty, We did not get what we paid for.



Horrible experience.

Paid $500 for papers

I never got.

Dog is probably not

even full blooded,

hence no papers.

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