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I purchased a puppy on 8/7/16 and it was to be shipped on 8/26/16 an hour before the flight I got a call from a Suli Hernandez stating that the puppy wouldnt be coming that he had some "loose stools". And that in a couple weeks there would be an issue because the puppy cant ship if over 11 pounds.

So that this puppy couldnt be shipped. I immediately asked for a refund if they were not going to ship the puppy. I was told they would refund my money which has yet to appear. I never got a refund from them to date.

After I paid for the puppy it was almost impossible to get ahold of them or any answers to my questions. On August 26th after I asked for a refund I got a text from Michelle stating that I was lying...That all I had to do was say it was ok to ship puppy even though he had loose stools. I was not told that. I never lied to her but I feel I was lied to since I was to get a puppy yet the puppy showed up on multiple other sites with a different birthday then I was told and was updated on the other website (puppyfind) a week after I purchased him.

Incidentally if you do an image search of her past customers many of them will be found on a website called with the exact same caption as on her facebook page. I asked for an updated photo of the puppy I bought and one was not provided to me. I also asked Michelle why he was on other websites with a different birthday and she told me "not to worry about that" it didnt matter.

I also asked for the vet certificate to be emailed to me and was told they would email it over and that never happened either. I want my refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service of adorablebulldogs english bulldog dog from Adorablebulldogs and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $1300 and wants Adorablebulldogs to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was run around and dishonesty. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Breeds mini bull terrier. I got one.

Loved her and she went insane at 2 years old due inbreeding. I had to put her down. Texted Michelle but she wouldn't answer. I am heart broken.

She should be in jail. Evil person.


File a complaint with the Miami based FBI on their website at I had the same experience still no refund and its been over a year!


I was also told my pup couldn't be shipped because of loose stools. By the time she said the pup was better it was too heavy.

I was asked to choose others. Got the same run around. We finally received our pup(3rd one we chose) and spent over a 1000 dollars saving her life. She breeds sick animals.

Michelle Sotolongo is a criminal and dog executioner.

I was the niave one to ever go down this route of purchase. She should be locked up.

Antelope, California, United States #1232888

That is exactly what they do!!! I still do not have my refund.

But she sure threatened me and was very rude via fb message. They are thieves!!! They sure take your money then will not refund it. Make us some bs excuse to not send the dog.

Then blame you via her lies for it all. She is one sick "puppy".

Please notify the USDA so this "thing" of a person can be shut down.

Lynn Haven, Florida, United States #1232854

Please include me on this, I thankfully did not sign the contract after looking her up but unfortunately she was quick to swipe my card..

have yet to get a refund..

or response.

Destin, Florida, United States #1232048

You have only 60 days to receive a refund on your card. They string it out till your past the 60 days ....

You won't get a puppy....

I am in process of getting my refund because I was able to show via text stream where they said "I will refund you if you are not happy... everyone wanted the puppy you got, she will sell in a minute!"

It's been 5.5 weeks (40 days)

I know they are lying - don't even trust the cancellation stuff they send.

It's all a big scam.


to Anonymous Denver, Colorado, United States #1303907

We to are awaiting a refund on our puppies. We paid for them and their papers.

Had to choose different pups at the one we wanted was not available after weeks of calls that he couldn't be shipped. Both pups we received came sick and with no papers. Surgeries and thousands of dollars later we still have no papers or refunds. Pups have enlarged heart, elongated paletes, seizures and mental disorders.

Very sad that this lady puts these pups and families through ***. We have reported her to the Florida Attorney General and are pursuing a florida attorey after filing court papers in Colorado .

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1231466

How are these people not arrested. I purchased a puppy a few weeks ago and have been asking to pick him up.

Michele and Suli won't tell me where the dog is. Never answer the phone or respond to messages. This is so disturbing.

Keep asking and they do not answer .. This has been a horrible experience.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1222672

Anyone who has had problems with Michelle Sotolongo, English Bulldog Puppies For Sale, Adorable Bulldogs, or CNNIC should file a report with the Better Business Bureau Soth Eastern Florida Office. It is not just about you, it is about all of us that have been deceived by them.

The above is my opinion as to what should be done. Also I feel that if enough complaints are filed with the BBB we all would stand a better chance of recovering our losses.

Grand Junction, Colorado, United States #1219312

I have had the similar problem although I never recieved a puppy or the refund I was promised. I have hired a lawyer please let me know if you would like to proceed with me

to bri Antelope, California, United States #1219377

I would like to be in on that. You can email me at

to inmarysm Albany, New York, United States #1220744

Me too.

to bri Albany, New York, United States #1220736

I want to proceed with you

to bri Los Angeles, California, United States #1222673


any room left to proceed with you and your attorney? Private message me.

to anonymous Liberty, New York, United States #1228886

Has anyone received their money back, we paid in July, still no puppy or money??? Please email with any info, would love to close Michelle down, worst person I ever come across

to bri New Caney, Texas, United States #1257192

I would like to be involved in law suit against them I have been waiting since 8/24 for my puppy I have all there email stating puppy will be shipped on this day. This first did it all my phone and then in oct they stated sending emails and I have kept them.

I am out 1300 and would like a puppy or money and put these people out of business. 713-865-0413

to bri Denver, Colorado, United States #1303908

we are from Colorado and are filing a law suit. We would be more than happy to provide you with any information that we have that may help you.

Antelope, California, United States #1218001

Its now been over a month and I still haven't gotten a refund. But I have gotten *** ton of extremely rude facebook messages from Michelle.

Rudest person I have ever had the displeasure of crossing paths with.

San Diego, California, United States #1212234

This exact thing happened to me on the SAME exact dates from this same company.

to Anonymous #1212920

Did you ever get a refund? You can message me at

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